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Ok, here's the part where I tell you all about myself...
if you still are curious after looking at my site.

  I have been called a bookworm, a contrarian, a smart ass, and 'that bass chick', (among other things).
    Among my interests are music, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt...(okay, so how about "Ancient Cultures"), words (written, spoken, and sung), Ireland, travel, pictures, the out-of-doors (hiking, backpacking, etc.), computers, psychology, and thought.
    As for hobbies, I think, read, write, play upright bass, electric bass, and guitar, argue, mess around on my computer, stay up way too late, and sleep in way too late.
    At the University of Dallas I played in enough groups that I've lost count.  There were Corrupted by Silver, the Bottle Blue Seven and it's later incarnation the Jugheads,  Every Night at the Improv, a Grateful Dead
cover band, and the Larry Mitnaul Project, to name a few.  I've played everything from classic rock to jazz to latin to everything in between.  The first concert I went to was Neil Young, on his 'Solo' tour, when I was in middle school (I saw him again with Crazy Horse on their 'Broken Arrow' tour).  I started playing guitar when I was 9, electric bass when I was 13, and upright bass when I was 15.
   Having spent the spring semester of 2000 studying outside of Rome, a month in Israel working on an archeological dig, as well as traveling when ever I had the chance, my current "country count" is up to 14 or so countries.  I'd have to say that Ireland and Italy are probably two of my favorites, but all of my time abroad has made me appreciate the good old United States of America even more.
    I have a BA in Classics (Latin and Greek) from the University of Dallas, in Irving Texas, and I am considering going on to study Classics and Classical Archaeology in graduate school.  In the summers, I've been assisting with UD's Latin in Rome (of which I'm actually an alumna), looking for archeological things to do, and working at Adaptive Micro-Ware, Inc. in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.
   I am the webmaster for all of, though I admit I have not been a very good webmaster for the past two years but hopefully moving the site to a new server will inspire me to get back to work.
   I was just married in August to my wonderful husband Paul and we are now living in Cambridge, England while he pursues his MPhil and PhD in medieval history.  I am currently looking for work but I may end up applying to study at Cambridge myself next year.

    In the past, I've wanted to be an astronaut, a paleontologist, a rock star, an archaeologist, a writer, a world traveler, a psychologist, a lawyer, and a photographer.  All of these still sound great to me, and as of right now, my vague plan for the future is to figure out what's best for me in this world, do that, and be happy.

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